After a long time resting…

13 Aug

There are so many time since our records, when I wrote here last time (it is not true…)!

These months was strange. A mix of good feeling about our records with a bad feeling trying to figure out what will come next. The “well done job” feeling is very nice, all the media coverage, all the congratulations! But, we can’t stop here, we must find a new challenge, a new project to take our time in the next years. It is a matter of time, if you don’t find a new project for your life, your life will find a new project for you… But after many conversations, specially with Amy and Gunar, we found it! A new racer! But as this blog is suposed to talk about 308, let’s talk about 308 and let’s leave this new project only in your imagination.

So, 308 flew few times after the record. In early January we flew for Marcio Jumpei pictures and in March we flew for Rede Globo fotage. Only two short flights, just to acquire images for media. After this we decide to stop it again (ok, we took many time finishing Mehari’s wing) in order to change few things and try to make it faster. We are modifing the landing gear, making it shorter and installing new wheel farings. We will install a new instrumentation system and we will build a new removable fuel tank in order to make he available to do cross-country flights (ok, not Brazil’s cross country). We hope to finish is until the end of september in order to fly again with it.

We are also waiting that some one around the world try to overcome our records, because we know that we can do it again! Set records is a very nice kind of sport, where you never see your opponents, you never is able to see what they are doing to be better then you. So, it is a sport that you must overcome a opponent, but at the same time you must overcome yourself, trying to do what you did before in a better way! That is the spirit behind records!

So, this post is only to keep this blog active! I hope to send more pictures soon! Enjoy this poster!


One Response to “After a long time resting…”

  1. Gustavo Junqueira August 14, 2011 at 1:01 AM #

    I’m looking forward to hear more about this new racer! (???)

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