Three in a row, and in one day!

1 Dec

Today was a great day for CEA-308 project. God has been good with us! I woke up at 05:00AM in order to come to the airport and finish to prepare the airplane for the record attempts. Yesterday we did a test flight just to see if Brian’s GPS is working and we already prepared the engine for today, so the job early in the morning was only clean the airplane and prepare the weighting. To be honest, I could sleep a little bit more, but, to be more honest, I was so anxious and I want to come to the airport to be with 308! So, Gunar and everybody arrived here at 06:15AM and near 07:00AM we were in the end of the runway 08 ready to take-off to Time to Climb up to 3000m attempt. This record wasn’t in our pretention, but after one flight last week in Divinopolis we realize that we were able to set a new record in this category too. This is very impressive because CEA-308 is a racer airplane and it is supposed to flight fast leveled, but last Catto’s propeller increase a lot our ratio of climb and then we decide to try it. So as soon as Gunar release the breaks of the airplane Brian started his stopwatch and after 9 minutes and few seconds latter 308 put Gunar at more than 10000ft above the ground! The last world record, set in Russia was 13 minutes and 40 seconds. Yeah! First record of our life! The only thing that we need to validate it is the sounding results obtained in Galeão airport by DCEA team, but we believe that we will have it tomorrow. So, then was time to prepare the airplane again to try 15km straight course speed record. Meanwhile Leonel Brites and Flavio Oliva arrived at the airport after a heroic trip from São Paulo (raining) to Rio de Janeiro (in war) to Juiz de Fora (by car) arriving there at 03:00AM. Thanks Leonel and Flavio, not only to bring FAI back to Brasil, but also to be here with us! The preparation of the airplane consists in check the engine, put fuel, clean and re-tape all the gaps. At 10:00AM we were ready to take-off again, for 15km speed record. Do you know what? This little airplane is alive… Up to yesterday our leveled speed was 165kts IAS(in optimum conditions) what give us 310km/h of ground speed. Today, the indicated airspeed was 175kts what gave us 329km/h of ground speed and new world record! So, 308 is like a race horse, he knew that we need to be fast today and he did his best to help us! He is really an amazing horse, machine! During lunch time we prepare the airplane again, now for 100 km out and return record. Engine, fuel, clean and seal. The weather started to change and we were in doubt if we would have enough time to fly before the rain… But, as world recorder, 308 show us again that he was fast. He and Gunar did the 108km course in less than 20 minutes, what give us a 326km/h mark, and again, a new world record! Unbelievable, three world records in one day, and in two so different categories, speed and  time to climb! Tomorrow we will try more stuffs here, let’s see what happens!


5 Responses to “Three in a row, and in one day!”

  1. Jose de Avila Jr. December 2, 2010 at 9:34 AM #

    That’s really awesome, Iscold!!!
    Congratulations to you and the whole team who worked hard beside you to make your old dream come true!
    Last, but not less important, congratulations to CEA-308!!! It surely deserve it!

  2. Saulo Seabra December 2, 2010 at 12:29 PM #

    Quero mandar os parabens para esse grande fato, mostra da competencia apesar das dificuldades que tanto conhecemos.

    Dr.-Ing.Saulo Seabra, Aachen, Alemanha

  3. Luiz December 2, 2010 at 9:26 PM #

    I’m so proud to be Brazilian. Hope this technology can be usefull to mankind. sorry English mistakes…
    Cheers from Brasil,


  4. Renato M. Lazzari December 3, 2010 at 5:52 AM #


    Só podia ser vitória de compatriotas de Santos-Dumont.

  5. Marcio December 3, 2010 at 6:24 AM #

    Well done guys! Just saw the record news on UOL page and started serching for pictures and found your blog. Amazing story of passion, challenges and victory… Congratulations and keep it up (and fast)!

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