The Speed Week was started!

29 Nov

Hello, I am writing from Confins Int’ Airport, where I am waiting Mr. Brian Utley to arrive on the AA991. Brian, as a member of NAA (National Aeronautical Association) records committee  is coming here invited by myself and by CAB in order to help us to measure our records tries. I was following Brian job since 2005, when I received a NAA magazine describing a new GPS technique to measure speed records. At that time Mr. John Parker was set a world record with his Thunder Mustang using this new GPS system under the supervision of Brian. When we decide to make these tries I started to use my network contacts in order to know how to measure it. After few e-mails between South Africa, USA and England, we converge on Mr. A.W. Greenfield from NAA that indicate us Brian. After my first invitation he accept to come to Brazil! Welcome Brian! Enjoy a non-commercial part of Brazil, the Minas Gerais Mountains!


One Response to “The Speed Week was started!”

  1. TOM LEITE November 29, 2010 at 11:45 AM #

    i recall your warm welcome in my recent visit to CEA
    Wish you luck

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