Early bird gets the worm..

27 Nov

Today CEA-308 traveled trough Minas Gerais mountains…But not flying! As he is an athlete, we can’t subject him to normal life stress, we must give him special treatment, trying to avoid usual jobs! So, instead of doing a cross-country flight from Divinópolis to the Zona da Mata Regional Airport (near Juiz de Fora), we put him on a trailer and drove more than 500km (Divinópolis-BH-SDZY) trough Minas Gerais Mountains. It is a very tiring job, but it is a pleasure. I woke up at 05:30AM and after a faster shower I went to CEA in order to fill my car with tools and hitch the trailer. At 06:30 I got my helper (I will preserver his name, you will see why) and took the way to SDZY airport. Almost one hour after he asked my to stop in order to use a restroom… We stop and after 15 minutes wainting I decide to go inside  to check what is happing. He was the only one inside the restroom and when I asked why he is too late he said me that he was sick. – “Hey, come on, we are not flying or sailing, we are riding a car, slowly!” – “Yes, but last night I drank a little bit too much and I went to sleep at 03:00AM…” Then I realize that he was a dead weight for this travel and that I had to find a way to travel alone, unload the airplane and assembly it, ALONE. I decide to ask him to get in the car to drive more 10km and left him at university’s hangar at Conselheiro Lafaiete airport. After that the travel start to became an adventure, but,”Early bird gets the worm” and I had no more surprises up to SDZY. There all the guards were very kind and helped me to unload the airplane. After four hours of work I was ready to drive all the way back and get my “helper” to bring him back home! No problem, but many of our records tries would be done just after sun rise, and I don’t know if our “helper” will be able to see this airplane flying, without change his habits!

2 Responses to “Early bird gets the worm..”

  1. Toninho November 28, 2010 at 10:07 AM #

    Pô Iscold, apesar de você não revelar o nome do seu “helper” poderia pelo menos ter contado que não era eu dessa vez. Como 99% das vezes sou eu esse “helper” todo mundo vai achar que fui eu…

    • iscold November 28, 2010 at 11:13 AM #

      Hahaha, não se preocupe, vc não é mais “helper”, já foi promovido a muito tempo a “maker”! Além disto tomar cerveja não é o seu forte!

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