Last flight before record attempt

23 Nov

Today we performed the last flight before the record attempt. We left Belo Horizonte under a dark gray sky, and arrived at Divinopolis with rain. But after one hour to prepare the airplane the sky started to appear to us. At 5:26PM local time Gunar took-off CEA-308 for a new mission! Discovery if we can try another world record… Which one?!? Sorry, I will tell next week. But what I can tell you now? Yes, we can do it, and believe, easily. The airplane flew very well, without surprises to us. Oh, just one surprise! It’s astonishing performance. CEA-308 seems to be a very impressive airplane not only to fly fast leveled but also to climb fast, to climb high and to be economic. Today we flew in a more economic regime and it burned 14 liters per hour. In maximum leveled speed it burns 20 liter per hour, flying near 310km/h. This gives us a consumption better than 15 km per liter, which is even better than my economy car but more than three times faster! CEA-308 isn’t a finish product at all, and we are still having a lot of small things to improve. There are modifications that will increase its performance, but there are also modifications that will improve its flight qualities. What we can say now? It is an amazing machine and we all are proud to work with it!


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