Yes, we can do it!

18 Nov

These last three days has been chaotic for me! Too much work! But I must confess: “I can get satisfaction”. Yesterday we flew CEA-308 again, at Divinopolis Airport. We left Belo Horizonte at 6AM in order to arrive there before 8AM. The weather was heavy, but without rain, giving us a good condition of turbulence and air density. After few adjustments on the airplane, and install our new Catto’s propeller, we were ready to take-off. Gunar get in the airplane and move it to the runway 35 in order to take-off. After the usual “slow-motion” acceleration, the new propeller started to show its benefits… more than 1200fpm! This allowed Gunar to reach the clouds base (almost 1000ft AGL) in less than 1 minute, just above the opposite runway… Now it is time to see how fast it is, and try to find our 3kts again! And? Here they are, with more 5kts of bonus! Yes, 165kts IAS leveled at 4000ft ASL! This means that we are almost 15km/h faster than our previous test. We flew by 12 minutes and after a perfect landing, using just half runway, it was time to put the airplane inside the hangar and wait for the approaching rain to stop! After the rain, two more flights, one to prove that we are fast also in vertical direction and to dream with different record types, and other to simulate the FAI procedure for 15km speed record, in order to verify if we can do it, and believe me, we can! I will not tell you our speed, but thrust me, it is fast! In this flight we realize that it is important to use the benefits of higher air density and that we still having how to get more from our engine. So, now it is time to work more on the engine and finish the preparation for the record!

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